Manning Asset Management

Peer-to-Peer or Marketplace Lending is changing the way consumers borrow money, opening up the previously bank dominate loans market to investors. Investor capital can now be efficiently deployed through established lending intermediaries earning attractive risk based returns. Manning Asset Management is a research focused asset manager that provides wholesale investors access to a diversified, risk controlled portfolio of loans within this rapidly growing asset class.

Who We Are?

We are a privately owned, Australian based, specialist fund manager with ambitions to be a world class risk manager.

What We Do?

We undertake detailed research into the growing Marketplace Lending market to uncover superior forms of investing.

Why Choose Us?

We are a trusted and valued partner who can carefully grow client’s portfolio in line with their overall objectives.

Marketplace Lending – risks, benefits and opportunities

Detailing how Marketplace Lending operates including the opportunity set for those investors open to exploring the asset classes merit. The article therefore provides a baseline for investors to understand if this asset class is appropriate for their objectives.

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